Software applicable to all ranges of industries. Easy graphical interfaces without a degree or any classes. Simple user manuals and comprehensive use videos. The future has never been easier to learn.


Some methods offer certain benefits, other methods offer other benefits. We combine the best of both worlds, and maximize efficiency, along with your satisfaction.

Surveying & Mapping

Inspect your regional geography, update your results, or inspect them instead.

Environmental Protection

Enforce your laws, investigate pollution in a mining area, or analyze and extract water.


Investigate a forest's resources, update protection data, or monitor a fire.


Automatically extract road information or airport pathways, and get real-time traffic data.

Ocean Work

Analyze shifts in the shoreline, classify and analyze the sea or shore, and detect sailing boats.

Land Management

Look at how the land's been used, get stats on buildings within a district, or monitor changes.


Identify targets, rapidly update safeguard data, or get info on the environment of a regional battle.


Inspect farmland and crops, determine changes in plot land, and analyze your crops.

Water Management

Get early statistics or monitor and analyze floods, extract info and obtain statistics on water.

Natural Disaster Work

Rapidly evaluate a disaster, monitor its changes, or analyze areas affected by it.

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