Support Large Volumes of Data

Perform segmentation on images of sizes up to 60,000 x 60,000 pixels. Anything under 16 GB is no problem.

Multiple Segment Features

Brightness, shape, texture, and relationship to other segments. Every single one you can use for fast and efficient classification.

Customizable Segment Features

Use a formula editor to create a new feature, such as the water index, and speed up your process.

Simultaneous Multilevel Segmentation

Simultaneous segmentation at multiple scales. Determine relationships between segments, change scales of segments, or split and merge them. Users can also specify classes of objects on different scales.

Easy Class Construction

Classify segments into classes based off of formula, and change the transparency, fill, or color.

Statistical and Numerical Filtering

Display segments that fall between a range of values for a given feature. Statistical and numerical, all in real time.

Image Reference and Vector Incorporation

Use reference images or basic vectors to segment with greater precision and accuracy. Retrieve auxiliary data from other instances.

Export Data

Vector shape (.shp) format. Export as merged or individual segment classes. Control how smooth your results are.

Deep Learning Classification

Go beyond the basics. Advanced semantic features, recognition by texture or the environment, and classification of highly similar segments. The best classification method there is.